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We are confident that getting your family members to the right nutrition is one of your priorities, and you do this by planning meals. In addition, you are keen to buy the best types of meat and vegetables to get the best nutrition from the food. You also prepare fresh food and use the leftover food as soon as you do not spoil it. But do you know that the cooking utensils you use should be taken seriously in your efforts to keep your family healthy?


Today’s cooking utensils come in different types of materials, from traditional varieties such as stainless steel, aluminum and cast iron to modern types, such as non-stick utensils and ionizing solid metals. The materials for your utensils determine the amount of oil you need to use and the type of foods that can be safely cooked.


Well, what kind of pots will help you prepare more healthy foods? Let us identify together



Stainless Steel (Stainless Steel)


Stainless steel can not be used with spray oils, which are a healthy alternative to frying (because it leaves residues that cause burning of food), but the good news is that stainless steel utensils require a small amount of oil or butter to lubricate the cooking surface.


Stainless steel utensils should have aluminum or copper bottom, otherwise you will not heat well and you will end up offering meals that are not cooked well for your family. Mabe’s kitchen appliances (online), such as electric stoves with an incandescent heat feature, are suitable for stainless steel cooking, and heat is much faster than other fireplaces.


Avoid cooking too sour foods in stainless steel containers because the acid in the food may react from the metal and extract minerals such as chlorine, iron and nickel that can change the taste of the food you are cooking.





Aluminum is an excellent heat conductor, ensuring that your cooking in aluminum pots will be mature.


Aluminum utensils are also known to be low-adhesion (if not coated with adhesives), which means less use of oil or butter when cooked.


By its nature, aluminum reacts with acids in food, so most aluminum vessels come coated with a layer of adhesion, or aluminum oxide (through ionization). It is there recommended to avoid scratching the edges and bottom with cooking tools to avoid damage to the pot and to protect the coating layer. You can avoid using cooking utensils made of nylon or wood that do not damage these pots.





The main advantage of non-stick utensils is that it is not necessary to add oil or butter to avoid sticking food to the pot or frying pan. This automatically gives a healthy meal when using these pots. However, it is important to note that spray oils and scratches resulting from improper use will cause damage to the adhesion layer and therefore the food will stick.


All food types can be safely cooked using non-stickable utensils when used properly.


Its heat conduct depends on its bottom, which is usually made of aluminum and is an excellent metal for delivering heat.



Cast iron


The cast iron fryer or fryer features a good heat connection, which means the speed and ease of the entire food level. When using these utensils with an induction heat stove (see the variety of Mappi kitchen appliances online), these pots help to cook very well.


These dishes interact with sour foods, but not to the point of affecting the taste of food, or the nutritional values ​​of the food you are cooking.


The cast iron utensils must be prepared before use. This means that the surface of the pot or fryer is cleaned with oil and then heated in the oven for about an hour. The oil layer covers the surface pores and provides a resistance layer to paste, which means reducing the amount of oil or butter.


Adhesive layer also helps to prevent rust from appearing, which is beneficial for health.





Copper is an excellent heat conductor from the burner to the food, and the copper pots are usually coated with a light layer of stainless steel to avoid metal entering the food. Sour foods release copper ions that lead to the wear down of the protective layer, which means replacing them at times. Care should be taken to keep copper utensils clean because the soot or carbon deposits will affect heat distribution.



If the electric cooker is of spiral head type (see the Mappi kitchen appliances on the Internet), the copper pots will be excellent. This is because the spiral cooking head is known as equal heating, which means you will need super cookers to compensate for this inefficient heat distribution.



It is recommended that when purchasing copper utensils buy a high quality kit, because the cheap copper-plated sets are covered with a thin layer that does not distribute the heat effectively. While high quality copper utensils distribute heat uniformly to both the bottom of the pot and the above and sides.

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