7 Tips To Use Your Cooking Range More Efficiently

In this age of rising expenses and increasing concern for the environment, it is best that home appliances in Saudi Arabia households run only as long as they are needed and are serviced regularly. By ensuring that our appliances run efficiently, we can keep our household budget on track.


When it comes to cooking ranges, each type (gas or electric, radiant or coil burners) uses energy in its own way and understanding how the range works and the various features it offers will help you use it intelligently and keep it in good running condition.


Here are 7 tips related to cooking ranges that will help you achieve that aim:


1) Defrost food before you cook


Before you cook using frozen ingredients, defrost them first in the refrigerator or even on your countertop. Not only does this make foods like meat safer to consume, it also reduces cooking times.


If you do not thaw food beforehand, you will have to start cooking at a low flame to aid the defrosting process in your cooking pot and then later increase the temperature as the food starts to cook. This results in a waste of energy.



2) Turn the flame down eventually


Cooking experts understand that your burners do not need to be blazing throughout the cooking process.


You can start cooking with high heat, so that the oil heats up well and ingredients such as meat are able to rise in temperature.


However, once this working temperature has been achieved, you can bring the flame down for the rest of the cooking process. Covering the cooking pot ensures that the temperature stays warm inside and even prevents heat from escaping to the surroundings.



3) Use the right cookware


Even the best kitchen appliances in Saudi Arabia will not work at optimum level if they are not complemented with the correct kind of associated utensils.


If the size of your cookware does not correspond to the size of your cooking range’s burners, you will end up wasting a lot of energy.


Too large pots and pans will take longer to warm up and increase cooking times. in the case of large burners, the range will simply be providing excess energy.


Large burners also allow heat to escape to the surroundings, making the house warmer and increasing energy bills in the summer when air conditioning is used to keep the house comfortable.


Moreover, high-quality cookware made from materials such as copper that conduct heat well is also helpful in reducing energy use while cooking. Glass or ceramic cookware are ideal for baking.



4) Begin cooking in the microwave


Home appliances in Saudi Arabia are best used according to their capacity.


When less intensive cooking tasks are required, a microwave oven can be used, which is reported to use significantly less energy than ranges.


Even for other kinds of cooking, it’s often advised to begin the cooking process in the microwave to save energy.



5) Keep your cooking range clean


Even the best kitchen appliances in Saudi Arabia won’t work well if they are not maintained properly.


If food splatters on the surface of a cooking range are not cleaned up, the food tends to absorb heat and prevent it from reaching the intended cookware.


On the other hand, when a cooking range surface is clean, it is able to reflect heat to the cooking utensils well. This ensures thorough cooking and brings down energy costs.



6) Clean right after you cook


When you begin cleaning right after you’ve cooked, you take advantage of the residual heat from the cooking process. This not only makes cleaning faster but also saves energy.


If you switched on a cool cooking range specifically for self-cleaning, then you add significant units to your energy bill.



7) Think energy efficiency when buying a new cooking range


If you’re looking to invest in a new cooking range, one of the key factors to keep in mind is its energy usage. The best kitchen appliances in Saudi Arabia these days are designed with energy conservation in mind.


While gas ovens are expensive to buy and install, they heat your cookware fast, which means rapid cooking times. They also don’t increase the temperature of your kitchen as much, which also saves energy.


Similarly, convection ovens are also known to provide faster cooking times.


Electric ovens can also run for longer periods at affordable rates. However, they tend to increase the overall temperature of your house, which may be useful to cutting down energy costs in the winter months but a nuisance in the summer.


You should weigh the pros and cons of the best each cooking range before making a final decision.


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