Benefits Of Using An All-In-One Washer And Dryer – Laundry Centres

If you’re a busy mom, chances are your morning routine involves waking the kids up for school, preparing breakfast, packing lunch, making sure everyone is dressed and nobody forgets their homework. On top of that, mornings also often involve laundry because ‘when else will the clothes dry if not in the day?


However, this doesn’t have to be the case. If you’re still doing laundry the old fashioned way – that is, using an old model washer and air drying the clothes – perhaps it’s time to invest in a laundry centre! The machine combines the functions of washers and dryers and basically eliminates the need for you to put the clothes out to dry. Plus, it saves you time, effort and space.

Let’s look more closely at the many benefits of a washing machine with a built-in dryer:


1) A washing machine with automatic dryer will save you both time and effort.

First, you can simply pre-treat the clothes and then let your automatic washing machine do the bulk of the labour.  No vigorous scrubbing required! Second, large families washing machines allow you to do two loads of laundry together and wash and dry clothes at the same time. They also have faster cycles, which means you don’t have to wait as long for your laundry to be done.  This frees up your schedule and energy for other tasks on your to-do list.


2) A laundry centre saves you space in the home, too.

A stackable washer-dryer combo takes up the square-foot area of one appliance while doing the job of two. They also typically offer all the features, programs and modes of mid- to high-end washers and dryers. This allows you to maximise your space throughout your home without wasting so much of it for laundry. It also makes it an ideal investment for small apartments that tend not to offer much space for drying. Besides, the absence of clothing lines and drying racks will make your home look tidier.


3) A laundry centre is cost-effective.

In comparison to the traditional separate washer and dryer units, a laundry centre is generally a more cost-effective investment.


4) A laundry centre can take on large loads of laundry.

Its size is typically similar to a large capacity washing machine and will serve you well in the long-term, especially when your household size increases. Check the washing machine catalogue for information about its capacity before buying.


5) A washing machine with dryer lets you dry clothes when you want.

Instead of being forced to do the laundry early in the mornings to make the most of the daylight hours, you can run your laundry load at any time of the day. What’s more, a dryer dries clothes much faster than sunlight, which means you can have fresh clothes to wear as quickly as 10-15 minutes! Another benefit of an indoor dryer is that the rainy season will have no effect on your laundry schedule. You can even dry your clothes while there is a storm outside!


6) Machine-dried clothes are easier to iron.

Dryers make ironing less of a hassle because they have been designed to prevent creasing. Some advanced dryers will even keep your clothes tumbling until you’re ready to take them out.


7) A dryer increases the life of your clothes.

Drying your clothes indoors ensures that they are protected against dust and pollution as well as the sun, which can cause brightly coloured clothes to fade over time.  Moreover, people find that their towels are softer and fluffier after being dried in a machine. The dryer is especially useful in removing lint. In case a tissue is left inside a garment before it gets washed, its disintegrated parts are found all over the washed clothes. A dryer will trap all of the destroyed tissue and keep the clothes lint-free.


8) A laundry centre doesn’t need to be ventilated.

Most standalone dryers produce a lot of heat and thus need to be placed in an area with decent airflow in order to keep working efficiently. This is not the case with washer-dryer combos, which can be placed pretty much anywhere there are electricity/gas and a water connection.


9) The best washing machines conserve both power and water.

Gone are the days when a washing machine would cause your utility bill to shoot up. The new models of American washing machines  are energy efficient and only use the necessary amount of water for each cycle or laundry load. So, your laundry center won’t be a burden on your pocket or the environment.


10) Using a laundry centre can be better for your health.

Handwashing and air-drying can take a toll on your back, whereas a washing machine with an automatic dryer will keep you from having to bend excessively. Plus, some people are allergic to detergents and a washing machine means no direct contact with any laundry products!

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