Everything You Need to Know About Mabe Large Capacity Washers

Are you looking to buy a new washing machine for your home?


With advancements in technology, washing machines are offering highly customizable settings and long-lasting parts. They are also becoming increasingly energy efficient, and so the purchase is well worth the money. However, before you make the investment, it’s essential that you get to know all the washer features to ensure it’s worth the price being asked.


Mabe automatic washing machines are large capacity by default, which means that they will accommodate your laundry needs even as your household size grows. They will also save you time, with its large drum allowing for a possible week’s load of laundry being washed and dried at a time. The washing machine with dryer comes with a host of other features that make it a popular choice in Saudi Arabia (view the washing machine online here).


Mabe automatic washing machines customize washing cycle to your laundry needs


Regardless of the kind of clothes in your laundry load, Mabe’s under development Aquasaver Green Technology will automatically calculate the water, temperature, time and cycles needed for the wash to be complete. The intelligent washing cycles include custom settings for delicate clothes as well as clothes that require a more intense, vigorous wash. There is also a hypoallergenic cleansing mode for infant clothing or for those with sensitive skin or other health issues.


Learn more about Mabe automatic washing machines’ intelligent washing cycles here.


Mabe automatic washing machines also feature smart washing patterns  


Mabe automatic washing machines are equipped with modern technology that maximizes the machine’s energy efficiency. The washing machine features smart sensors that automatically detect the exact volume of water, temperature level and washing time needed for each specific laundry load. This ensures that your family’s laundry is done using only the required amount of water and energy, saving you money and reducing the burden on the environment.


Watch the technology at work here.


Mabe’s automatic washing machine is technologically equipped to take care of your clothes and linen


We tend to avoid putting our nicer clothes and linen in washing machines, preferring to gently rinse them by hand to protect the fabric. However, Mabe automatic washing machine is equipped with an aqua energy roller washing system that uses infusion technology to move the clothes around the drum in an improved manner, resulting in fewer tangles and less damage to the clothes. This means no more handwashing needed!


See the technology at work here.


Mabe automatic washing machine comes with a superior tub for washing 


Mabe automatic washing machines distinguish themselves with their superior quality drums. Unlike other machines that are fitted with plastic or porcelain-coated steel drums, the drums in Mabe washing machines with dryers are made from highly durable stainless steel. This makes them resistant to rust, scratches or dents and thus allows them to offer a consistent level do high-quality performance for a long period of time.


The drum is large in size and features larger water outpour for washing multiple items at a time. The drum’s spherical design also allows for fast drying, which means doing laundry will be a quicker process than before. The drum’s high quality will also save you money in the long run, as you will not be faced with as many repair bills.


Learn more about the Spherical Care Basket here.


Mabe automatic washing machine has customized dispatchers for all kinds of laundry products 


Whether you’re using detergent, bleach or fabric softener, there’s a specific compartment in the Mabe automatic washing machine for it. In the case of liquid detergent and bleach, automatic dispensers in the drum release the product at the appropriate time during the wash cycle. For powder detergents and fabric softener, there are drawer compartments, which are easy and convenient to clean.


Watch how the tub and drawer dispatchers work here.


Mabe automatic washing machine has an innovative design


Not everyone has the luxury to tuck away bulky appliances like washing machines in a laundry room. However, the Mabe washing machine isn’t an eyesore and can be placed in plain view without necessarily compromising the look of a room. The washing machine’s exterior is tailored to meet today’s home aesthetics that require sleek appliances with a modern finish.


You can view the look of the Mabe washing machine in Saudi Arabia online here.

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