Mabe Dryers : A simple solution to dry large loads

Laundry tends to be a weekly affair for most families. This means that large loads of laundry have to be washed and dried together. At times, large loads of laundry can pose a problem as drying lots of clothes requires not only a significant amount of time but space as well, especially if you’re spreading them out to air-dry. However, just like a washing machine keeps you from having to scrub clothes clean by hand, a clothes dryer (view Mabe’s range of clothes dryers online here) also saves you time, space and energy. Moreover, a clothes dryer eliminates the need for clotheslines or a clothes rack, which helps maintain your home’s neat and tidy appearance.


Available in two colors (silver and white) and varying volume capacities (ranging from 6.2 to 7.4 cubic feet), Mabe dryers come equipped with Alcosta drums, large lint filters, long exhaust vents and rust resistant fittings, making it a highly desirable appliance to have in your home. Here’s a more detailed look at the features of Mabe clothes dryers (see the online catalogue here) that proves their suitability for drying large loads:


Mabe clothes dryers come with extra-large drums that are ideal for big laundry loads


By default, Mabe clothes dryers (see the online catalogue here) have the capacity to hold a laundry load weighing between 20 to 24 kg. This makes it the ideal machine for large laundry loads. Other clothes dryers that do not have this extra-large capacity would be quickly compromised if big loads are placed. As a general rule, dryers should be filled a little more than half the drum’s size with laundry. Overstuffing your dryer’s drum reduces the effectiveness of drying. Hot air is unable to circulate through a drum stuffed with clothes, and the clothes are not able to tumble properly, too.


Whilst a small dryer that is handling a large laundry load is likely to be expensive to operate, an overloaded dryer leads to more wrinkled clothes, which you will have to later iron before using, thus increasing your electricity bill further. Also, repeatedly running full loads in your dryer can eventually damage its drum, increasing the likelihood of an unwanted repair bill in the future. So, when purchasing a dryer from Mabe, you have the option of choosing a model with a drum volume ranging from 6.2 cubic feet to 7.4 cubic feet, depending on your family’s needs.


Mabe clothes dryers are equipped with modern technology to ensure thorough drying 


One concern homemakers have with drying lots of clothes together in a machine is that they won’t dry well enough and ultimately will need to be spread out to air-dry, thus doubling the workload involved in the weekly laundry. However, with a Mabe clothes dryer in your home, you need not worry. No matter how large your laundry load, the smart sensors inside Mabe clothes dryers (see online video showing the sensors in action) can detect water content in the clothes’ fibers and will only stop the machine when the load is completely dry.


Smart sensors can also detect the temperature in the dryer’s drum and adjust it according to your laundry load’s needs. There is no risk of unnecessarily high temperatures ruining the texture of your clothes’ and linen’s fabric.


Mabe clothes dryers can dry clothes at rapid speeds 


The common assumption is that a large laundry load will take lots of time to dry. In Mabe clothes dryers (see online video), clothes take less time to dry than other machines due to the fast heat reflection within the Mabe clothes dryers’ drums. This means that even large laundry loads will be ready sooner than other machines.


Mabe clothes dryers are energy efficient


A related concern is that large laundry loads take time to dry and thus drive up the energy bill. Even in the case of sizable laundry loads, Mabe clothes dryers (see online video) don’t run longer than needed. Its smart sensors optimize the laundry load’s drying times to save you money on your energy bill.


Mabe clothes dryers protect your clothes from rust 


While many clothes dryers are susceptible to corrosion, the drum in Mabe clothes dryers (see online video) is coated with materials that make it resistant to rust. This not only ensures that the machine runs at optimum level for a long period of time but also prevents other undesirable consequences like rust deposits or odors on clothes. With a large-sized drum and time- and energy-reducing mechanisms at work, Mabe clothes dryers are the right choice for your big family’s laundry needs.

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