Making Your Kitchen Work: How to Choose the Right Electric Cooker for You

In every home, the kitchen is the central hub of activity. Whether you are cooking or dining, you generally spend at least 2 hours in the kitchen every day. This means having the right elements in place is crucial to making your time in the kitchen a joy. And one of the key elements is having the right cooker.
The first thing most people consider when choosing a cooker is whether they want an electric one or one that uses gas. However, the kitchen in most modern homes are designed to accommodate electric cookers, preferred by most chefs for providing consistent temperatures. We also recommend them for added safety features you won’t find in gas cooking ranges. So, here’s is everything you need to consider before buying an electric cooker.

1. Your cooking requirements
First and foremost, think about how often and how much you cook. Do you have a large family and cook three meals a day? Are you an occasional cook who dines at home rarely? These factors will affect your choice of electric cooker size and features. You would either require a heavy-duty one with multiple burners and large-capacity oven, or a small, basic one without lots of added features that you may rarely or never use.

2. Your budget
As with any electric appliance, the more innovative features the electric cooker has, the higher the price point. So, think carefully about how much you are willing to spend for one. You should not only think about which features you absolutely need, but also consider features that may save you a lot of time which you may have not used before making your final choice.

3. Your lifestyle
Do you enjoy staying home or do you prefer to head out for an adventure every day? Consider these questions when choosing which features your cooker should have. Many electric cookers have functions specially designed for specific lifestyles. mabe electric cookers, for example, have innovative features that make them ideal for big families and busy lifestyles. Delayed start, auto power off and self-clean are just a few features mabe has created to make cooking easier, more convenient and less time consuming. So, if you’re working full-time and taking care of a family too, you might want to check out mabe’s range of electric range cookers first. We innovate because we know that when your home works, everything works.

4. Your home life
Are you married with young kids? Do you live alone? These are some considerations you will have when looking for an electric cooker with the safety features you need. Many electric cookers have built-in safety functions, like mabe’s child-lock feature. But they take it a step further with innovative functions like delayed start, which automatically starts up the burners within your preferred time period so food will be ready when you need it even if you forgot you had a pot sitting on the cooker. Auto power off shuts off the cooker automatically when you’re done cooking and when spillage happens. These are good features to have when you are living alone and for any reason have to step away from the kitchen while something is cooking. It’s also recommended for families with young children, to prevent burns and other accidents.

5. Your level of awareness for the environment
One of the concerns about getting an electric cooker is how much energy it requires to function, especially if you’re cooking for a large group. Many electric cookers now come with an Energy Star rating which lets you know how efficiently they use electricity and how much you can potentially save on energy bills. Others may have special features that help you save even as you cook, like mabe’s quick preheat function and radiant burners that distribute heat evenly while using only the energy you need.

Just like any other element of your home, getting an electric cooker that works for you is a very personal choice. Think about your requirements carefully, like how often are you really going to cook, will you be using the stove top more often than the oven, will you be having guests over often, and so on. You might realize you need more out of a cooker than you think, or the reverse could be true for you. But whatever your choice, rest assured the right options are out there waiting for you.
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