The Top 5 Appliances Any Modern Household Can’t Do Without

Whether you’re moving into a home of your own or simply shifting flats, you’re probably also considering getting appliances to go with your new surroundings.

So which appliances should you have in your new home?

It seems like a basic question everyone knows the answer to, but it is also very subjective. For example, a vacuum cleaner seems like a necessity, but it won’t find much use if you’re shifting to a house with stone tile or hardwood floors. It may seem like a good idea to get a coffee machine because you can’t do without a cup to start your day, but if you won’t have time during your morning rush to get it perking, it would just be a waste of money and kitchen counter space.

Of course, your budget and personal requirements would be your top considerations. But in general, there are at least 5 major home appliances absolutely necessary for the smooth running of every modern household.

  1. Refrigerator

Even if you are someone who eats out three times a day, a refrigerator is a must-have in your home. From fresh veggies to cool beverages, to be able to prep and store your office lunch for the entire week, it is simply more convenient to have one. However, your lifestyle will dictate which features to choose in the one you would ultimately buy.

Are ample space and smart storage solutions important to you? Does your new kitchen have enough room for the fridge, or would you need one with reversible doors? Is your family active and would a built-in ice and water dispenser be useful? These considerations, along with options for keeping food fresh for longer, having adjustable shelves and more, factor into your choice.

You might also even consider how your refrigerator’s colour and finish fit in with the rest of your décor. Is your home ultra modern and contemporary? Choose a stainless steel or brushed metal finish. Warm and traditional? A classic white or black exterior might work better for you.

With so many options out there, there’s one that would fit your preferences completely.

  1. Cooker

A cooker is one of those kitchen appliances many households take for granted. Of course, the more features and innovative specifications you are looking for, the higher the price range you’ll be looking at. Or maybe you are someone who doesn’t like to cook much, so you think a single burner stove top cooker would do.

Today’s cookers come with features that make cooking a pleasure, whether you’re a budding chef or a novice cook. Some even come with digital timers and auto shut-off functions for added safety, so you can take care of other household chores worry-free while something is cooking. Ovens also have self-cleaning functions so you don’t have to worry about after-meal clean-ups.

You might not like cooking now, but investing in a good cooker with innovative features could get you into this time- and cost-saving habit.

  1. Microwave oven

“But I already have a cooker!” you might say. It might seem like an unnecessary addition to your kitchen, but today’s microwave oven is an invaluable kitchen appliance that does more than just reheat your food or pop your popcorn.

Perhaps, its most important feature is the ability to cut down your time in the kitchen. The latest microwave ovens can defrost and precook your ingredients to get them ready for the pot or oven. Innovative features include full convection oven functions so you can actually roast, grill and bake in the microwave itself faster than you would in a conventional oven – and all at just the touch of a button!

  1. Washer

No matter how big your household, a durable washing machine with innovative features catering to your specific needs is a must.

Aside from the basic capacity and pre-programmed functions, here are a few more things to consider when choosing a washing machine.

Do you have an infant or a young child? The most advanced washers now have functions designed to extra clean baby clothes and delicates with the utmost care.

Want to spend more time with the family, not on your laundry? Innovative washers now have custom programmes that let you schedule your washing according to your preferences.

You also have the option to save space with a laundry station, a stacked washer and dryer combination that’s perfect if you’re moving into a small apartment or one where you won’t have a designated laundry area.

  1. Dryer

You might think a dryer is optional in any household, but it is a practical home appliance that saves you time and effort in the long run. Especially for families with toddlers and very young children, being able to quickly wash and dry spoiled clothing and fabrics can be a huge help in the day to day running of the home.

You can, of course, get a washing machine with a high-performance dryer feature, but a standalone dryer can help you save time, drying one load of laundry while another is still in the wash. It can also save you electricity and water consumption as the latest models come with built-in energy-saving features.

Your preferences, tastes, habits and ways of doing things would be different and unique from the rest. It is only right to be fair to yourself and equip your home with appliances that are best suited to your specific requirements. Importantly, your family’s convenience, choices and preferences matter much. Involving them in making the right choices makes your home a haven of comfort, convenience, great times and happiness. At mabe, our appliances are built around your specific home and family needs and caters to the needs of households ranging from a studio flat of a small family to a villa of a large family.

While deciding products for your needs, it could be a good idea to look up and compare appliances online to break down the specifications and features you require without having to actually go to a store and check them out one by one. Reliable manufacturers like mabe also keep a handy downloadable brochure on their website so you can take your time browsing through the complete range of home appliances, comparing models and ultimately finding one that suits the needs of your entire household.

As always, our advice is that you make a well-educated decision that adds value to your home through greater convenience, quality performance, legendary durability, dependable after-sales service, and much more.

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