Choosing a Washing Machine: The Top 5 Things to Think About

Home appliances don’t only make our chores easier, they make our home and family life work better. That’s why it is always a good idea to consider a few things first before buying any appliance. The washing machine, for example, may seem like a straightforward appliance you don’t have to think twice about buying online. But there are a few factors you might want to think about first before making your final decision. Here are our Top 5 Things to Think About When Choosing a Washing Machine.

Size and capacity

Now two households are alike. Neither will your specific requirements be the same as that of other families. The size of your family, your kind of lifestyle and your choice in clothing fabrics and home linens will play a big part in choosing the best washing machine for your family.

If you have a big family with active children, you’ll need a durable, reliable and large-capacity top-loading washing machine. mabe washing machines, for example, come in configurations from 17 to 24KG, with smart washing systems so you use only the water and energy you need no matter the size of your wash load or how soiled your clothes are.

Does your home have a dedicated laundry area? How much space do you have for a washing machine? Is there room for a dryer too? Or will you be hanging your laundry outside to dry?

For apartments and smaller homes, a laundry center like mabe’s compact 15KG capacity machine might be the better choice. It’s stacked configuration and Smart Control panel give you the most options with minimal space requirements


Washing machine prices vary depending on size, capacity and functions. Depending on your budget and washing requirements, price is one of the biggest deciding factors when choosing a washing machine. In many cases, you may have to compromise on innovative features for capacity, or choose a smaller machine that has everything you need except you’ll have to do more wash loads – which may end up costing you more in power and water costs.


If you live in a small apartment or don’t have a designated washing area, a top-loading washing machine may be your choice. For one, top-loading washing machines tend to be narrower while their tubs have greater capacity. And since you load clothes from the top, it requires less effort on your part – a plus when you’re washing big loads.


Do you prefer washing machines with several pre-programmed settings to choose from? Or would you prefer to program the temperature and speed settings yourself? Innovative washing machines like mabe’s range come with both programme selector and a My Wash function that enables you to make and save your preferred settings for future washing. They also come with a Smart Washing system that can gauge the temperature, speed and amount of water you will need automatically. All you have to do is load your laundry and push a button while the washing machine does the rest.

Every washing machine has basic wash and spin/tumble dry functions, and variable temperature and speed settings. What you should look out for are special or innovative features like cycles designed for washing specific materials and custom features stain removal, ensuring clothes don’t get damaged or tangled, and sanitizing or germ killing cycles.

Ease of use

Does the control panel look more like a plane’s cockpit? Are the programmes labeled clearly and in a way that’s easy to understand? Does the washing machine have knobs or push-button controls? Is it easy to access the detergent drawer? Is it safe enough for the kids to use themselves or would you prefer for it to have a child-lock feature?

These and other considerations are perhaps the most personal when choosing a washing machine. Your definition of ease of use may differ from others and completely depends on your specific requirements. Ask yourself what kind of features and functions you want your ideal washing machine to have and how easily you can access these functions before making a decision.

There are many choices when it comes to buying washing machines but it really comes down to your family’s specific laundry needs. As with any electrical appliance, you should take your time in choosing a washing machine that meets your requirements while being durable and reliable enough to make it worth the cost.

Thanks for reading and see you next time when we help you choose the right cooker to make your signature dishes on!

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