Top 5 Tips To Get The Most Of Your Tumble Dryer

In Saudi Arabia, clothes dryers can be found in many households. If you’ve ever had to manage your family’s laundry without the help of a dryer, you would know why that’s the case. The appliance significantly reduces the time it takes families to complete their daily list of home chores.

Apart from eliminating the hassle of putting out clothes to dry by hand, a clothes dryer helps keep your home looking tidy with no unsightly clothesline or bulky clothes rack in view. Who doesn’t want that?

Plus, having a clothes dryer in Saudi Arabia means you get to use freshly washed clothes or linen within minutes, while air drying the same would take much longer, even in our dry weather. (If you’re interested in buying a clothes dryer in Saudi Arabia, you can view the range of Mabe clothes dryers online.)

In order to ensure that you’re benefiting from your clothes dryer as much as possible, here are five tips on using it efficiently:


1) Let your washing machine do some of the drying.

Before you remove a load from your washing machine, it’s recommended that you put on another spin cycle on high speed. This will remove excess moisture from the washed clothes.

When you put damp clothes, as opposed to soaking wet ones, in the dryer, it will obviously do its job more quickly, and the runtime of your clothes dryer will be considerably reduced.

With the rise of electricity tariffs in Saudi Arabia, clothes dryers that always operate at the longest and highest settings can increase your power usage. In comparison, using your washing machine to “dry” out of your load requires comparatively less electricity.

You’ll find that your electricity bill will be lower if you incorporate the additional step with the washing machine in your laundry routine.


2) Before loading the dryer, disentangle washed clothes from each other.

When a jumbled pile of wet clothes is placed in a dryer, the individual pieces cannot dry fully. They are also more likely to form creases during the tumbling process.

Moreover, when variously sized clothes tumble together, you may lose small items, such as socks or underwear, in the depths of a larger item, like a duvet cover, which can be a nuisance.

All of these annoyances can be fixed through one simple step in your laundry routine: organising your washed clothes according to size before placing it in the dryer.

Drying similarly sized clothes together ensures they dry evenly. And you won’t lose any clothing either.


3) When loading the dryer, keep its capacity in mind.

When a clothes dryer is overloaded, it is not able to operate properly.

Hot air is unable to circulate through a drum stuffed with clothes, and the clothes are not able to tumble properly, too.

For these reasons, clothes will take longer to dry, which can drive up the costs of running your clothes dryer in Saudi Arabia.

More reasons why stuffing your dryer with clothes can prove to be expensive: an overloaded dryer leads to more wrinkled clothes, which you will have to later iron before using, thus increasing your electricity bill further. Also, repeatedly running full loads in your dryer can eventually damage its drum, increasing the likelihood of an unwanted repair bill in the future.

Read your clothes dryer’s manual to find out the recommended load for your machine. You can find the manual for Mabe’s clothes dryers online.

4) Know when to stop drying.

It’s not necessary to wait for the clothes to completely dry before switching off the machine. It’s ideal to remove clothes from the dryer when they’re still a little damp.

After removing the clothes, spread them out and smooth out any wrinkles by hand. Then let them dry. This will eliminate the need for ironing them later and applies to clothes of all kinds of fabric.


5) Make sure your clothes dryer is well maintained.

Unplug your clothes dryer and thoroughly clean its sockets every month. When dust gathers around sockets, it could overheat and catch fire.

The dryer’s drum sensor and lint filter should also be checked regularly to make sure it is clean. For dryers with condensers, empty out the water container after each clothes cycle.

Also, ensure that the room in which your dryer is kept remains well-ventilated. If this is not done, the machine will overheat and drying times will be prolonged.

By following these five tips, you can make the most of your clothes dryer at home. The tips will not only ensure your machine does its job properly but will also prolong its life. Moreover, your dryer will run in an energy-efficient manner and save you money. If you wish to invest in a new clothes dryer in Saudi Arabia, you can view the range of Mabe clothes dryers online.

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