Welcome to our blog, where we talk about your home and how to make it work for you and your family. Sometimes we don’t really think about home appliances until they stop doing what they’re supposed to. The refrigerator, the washing machine, even the microwave oven are things we take for granted in the modern household, but what happens when they don’t function the way we need them to? And if they do work, can we make them work even better?

These are the questions we at mabe constantly seek to answer. After all, spending on appliances is one of your biggest investments into your home. Wouldn’t it be great to find the ones best suited to your Appliances that are reliable and durable

Your lifestyle and budget are big factors when it comes to choosing what appliances work for you, so here are a few things to consider when shopping for home appliances.


Beyond cooling and food storage, when it comes to refrigerators, also consider how it suits your specific needs. Does your family eat at home all the time and do you always cook for family mealtimes? If you’re a larger family, a two-door refrigerator with extra storage space might work better, but will it fit in your kitchen? Are you an active family and need water and ice conveniently ready any time you need to refresh and hydrate? Are you keen on energy efficient appliances and would like to have full control over your fridge’s functions? Or maybe you’re no-frills and just need a basic freeze-and-store model. Just remember that as with any appliance, the more functions you require on your refrigerator, the higher the price points.


Before you buy a cooker, consider whether you’re an expert or novice cook first, as well as how often you expect to cook. A full-range cooker and oven may seem like the perfect solution for “just in case” you ever need to cool up a storm, but think about how much energy you would require for the majority of the time when you’re only cooking for a small group.


There are many things to consider when choosing the right washer for you and your family. How big is your laundry room? Will it be in the basement, outdoors or under the kitchen sink? How much laundry do you generally do in a week? Do you have a baby or older children in the house and need a washer than can handle delicates as well as tough stains? Are you particular about fabric care or more concerned about conserving energy and water?

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