Why Do You Need A Garbage Disposal?

Like every household, your family must produce a ton of food waste. Between your regular meals and the occasional dinner party, bags upon bags of food waste are likely to be emerging from your kitchen every month.


While traditional methods of food waste disposal, like garbage bags, are commonly used, a mechanical or electric option, like Mabe Kitchen Disposal (see online), makes it easier to keep the house tidy and reduces the time it takes to manage trash on a daily basis. Plus, it’s good for the environment, too.


A kitchen garbage disposal system is fitted under your sink as part of its drainage system. What it does is shred most kinds of food waste.


Exceptions include hard bones, rice, pasta, or fruit and vegetable skin, like potato or banana peels, which must be disposed of in garbage bags instead. A stopper can be installed in the sink’s drain opening to prevent bigger food waste from entering the disposal.


The food waste crushed by the kitchen garbage disposal is flushed into the sewage system as you continue to run water down your sink. As the food particles are now small, they can then go down the drainage system without causing any blockages.


Sounds fancy, but how is this system of kitchen garbage disposal actually better than other methods of food waste disposal, say, garbage bags? Let’s take a look:


1) A kitchen garbage disposal system helps you keep your house clean and odour-free.

Food waste disposal is a messy business in itself. Even when stored properly, garbage bags are just plain unsightly. Plus, the possibility of a burst bag and subsequent leaks and spills can make them dirty and frustrating to store in the house.


What’s more, bagged food waste also gives off foul smells. While we wait for the garbage trucks to pick the bags up, the food waste rots and odours often ruin our home’s ambience.


Rotting food waste also attracts insects and rodents, which are a nuisance and a threat to your home’s sanitation. They bring with them harmful germs and bacteria that can make your family ill.


With a kitchen garbage disposal system, most food waste is taken out of your home in the matter of minutes. No food waste, no odours, no bugs!



2) A kitchen garbage disposal system makes tidying an easier and faster process.


Instead of having to dispose of all your trash in garbage bags, most of your food waste is broken up in the kitchen garbage disposal  and removed through your plumbing.


There is much less food waste to throw out, which means fewer garbage bags to manage.


A kitchen garbage disposal is likely to save you precious time every day, freeing your schedule for more important tasks on your daily to-do list!



3) A kitchen garbage disposal system protects your plumbing.


In the absence of a mechanical food waste disposal system, plumbing is often strained. Unprocessed food waste can clog pipes and cause damage. Do you really want to have your plumber on speed dial in case of a 3:00 am kitchen leak?


A kitchen disposal system chops up most kinds of food waste, helping along their passage through the plumbing system. It reduces the frequency of plumber visits to your home and saves you money on expensive repair bills.



4) A kitchen garbage disposal system saves you money.


A kitchen disposal system is a long-term investment, and once you purchase one for your home, it will last you a few good years.


In that duration, you will cut down on your consumption of single-use plastic bags, which are harmful for the environment, too. Moreover, fewer plumbing issues save you from the costly bills that come with them.


This makes a kitchen disposal system completely worth the money.



5) A kitchen garbage disposal system is good for the environment.


When you use a kitchen disposal system, you automatically cut down on food waste that ends up in your bagged trash. This reduces the amount of garbage that ends up in landfills.


The decomposing organic waste from kitchens, gardens and backyards in landfills have been found to release greenhouse gases, like methane, which contributes to harmful climate conditions, like increased smog, and gives rise to diseases, like asthma.


Plus, food waste that has gone through a kitchen waste disposal can be used by waste treatment plants as fuel or fertiliser.


Using a food waste disposal system, like Mabe Kitchen Disposal (see online), can be your family’s contribution to protecting the environment and public health.


A kitchen garbage disposal system can be an essential time- and effort-saving addition to your home. It’s a small investment that will make your family’s lifestyle easier and more environment-friendly. If you wish to purchase one for your home, you can view the range of Mabe’s kitchen disposal online.

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